Typhoon    Item# B041

Typhoon Item# B041

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Item # B041

Specifications:  33.0 L x 8.0 W x 8.0 H inches

Description: This is a beautiful 100% handcrafted mahogany Typhoon model. Painted in the true color of the boat. It take hundreds of hours to build by skillful and creative master craftsmen. Contains hundreds of beautiful details such as shiny chrome and brass fittings, very detailed dashboard and leather seats. Layers of vanishes are applied; the hull is then smoothly sanded between coats to create a mirror effect. This model was built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings. Extensive research thru original plans and pictures makes our model look authentic. Each model goes thru a demanding quality control process before leaving our workshop. Rested in a neat wood stand. Model shipped fully assembled. This item is just as luxurious as the real boat.